Email to the Northern Parishes

After last nights Binfield Parish Council meeting we felt it important to write an email to the other Northern Parishes:

Good Morning!

I’m writing to introduce our local residents organisation and to reverberate the outcome of a Binfield Parish council meeting that took place last night although I’m hopeful the Binfield Parish Council will be in-touch with yourselves through their official capacity also.

We formed our organisation [YourForest] after the publication of the 2016 BFC SHELAA (which once again has a very visible unbalanced distribution of sites and a feeling of underwhelming publicization) and a common feeling among some residents that the BFC may not be working with the interest or representing the majority of the BFC community in mind (especially the Northern areas of Binfield, Warfield & Winkfield).
The 2016 SHELAA was on last-nights agenda but the feeling was this is way more than an item to be discussed at a ‘closed meeting’ and the 4 week consultation period is far too short for residents to digest hundreds of pages of documentation that sets the foundation for a major strategy that will affect their future for years, let alone contemplate how to respond to the consultation.

It was suggested in the meeting that neighbouring parishes be approached to form a louder voice when asking for an extension and it was also decided that a public meeting will be held (for the Binfield Parish, currently scheduled for 10/12/16).

I think we can all agree that if the majority of these sites are adopted in to a local plan Winkfield will take the biggest hit closely followed by Warfield & Binfield.

To add insult to injury there are sites that have already been classed as ‘Potentially Un-suitable’ on the grounds of TPOs, Ancient Forests, Boundary implications and Historical interest however there are MANY other-sites that have the same features but these sites have not been treated with anywhere near the same concern.. We must also ask WHY IS THIS?

Thank you for your time and we’d love to hear from you!


YourForest and its Concerned Residents.

Response From Warfield

Dear Your Forest Group
Thank you for your recent e-mail concerning the 2016 SHELAA and the Northern Parishes. The document produced by Bracknell Forest Council is the result of a ‘call for land’ exercise conducted across the borough earlier in the year, when landowners were asked if they would be prepared to put their land forward to meet the need of future development within the borough. The result has unsurprising resulted in a larger take-up of submissions from the Northern Parishes primarily because of the national protection status placed on large areas of the south of the borough and that the largest landowners in the south are the Crown Estate and the Ministry of Defence.

The sites that have been put forward in Warfield are all familiar to the council as many have been submitted previously in similar exercises or are sites the council is aware of for potential development. Our understanding is that the exercise currently underway is to allow comment on the assumptions and factual information of each site submitted and allow for any comment on the methodology used. The exercise is not an allocation of land for development. There are a number of steps that will follow that will lead to Bracknell Forest presenting a draft local plan and Warfield Parish Council will review, discuss and comment on that document. In the meantime the parish is continuing to develop its own Neighbourhood Development Plan with its policies on development that the residents of Warfield will have the opportunity to decide upon during 2017.

Warfield Parish Council will be pushing for an extensive consultation period and process when the draft local plan, containing specific proposals is made. We work closely with the parishes of Binfield and Winkfield and I am certain this will continue when the draft comprehensive local plan is produced and we make our submissions. However, we feel it would be inappropriate to ask for an extension to the current timings of this non-statutory consultation.
Jason Mawer, Parish Clerk
Warfield Parish Council

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