An email to Adam Afriyie

Hi Adam,
You kindly came to Binfield in 2013 and spoke to us at WHAT WAS Blue Mountain on the subject of Bracknell Forest Council and its ambition to over-throw a 125  year covenant to allow the re-development of this much loved community asset.
Later you voiced your opinion (via. local media) on the on-going targeting of villages in your constituency for development as being one of the most important issues in your constituency.

Bracknell Forest Council has recently released a report on site suitability that we feel has treated sites in YOUR constituency with unfair bias; As you can see from the attached image the majority of the 80+ sites are located across Binfield, Warfield & Winkfield in addition to this there are several sites that have been completely dismissed as being un-suitable in previous calls for land on the ground of protected trees, ancient forests, land gradient, sustainability and vicinity listed buildings, all of these features are still relevant yet some of these sites have now been designated as ‘suitable’.
It has also been noted that of the 7 sites that have been assessed as un-suitable in this report they have no obvious additional features or characteristics above and beyond many of the other sites deemed suitable other than their [tenuous] vicinity to the constituency of BFC council executives.
To add insult to injury the consultation period of this 2016 SHELAA is unusually short (at 4 weeks) [ending on the 19th of December], BFC have been very quiet with its pollicisation (it was Residents whom pushed for its publication in local Press) furthermore the ONLY BFC planning meeting that we could attend as residents during this consultation process has been cancelled.
We are not against housing but what we are against is our Villages being used as a dumping ground to allow BFC to meet its self set targets while investing very little in terms of money, planning and strategy into the roads & amenities which are already at a saturation point.
  • We’ve already been removed from the catchment area of the local secondary school while the replacement is still nothing more than a pile of soil.
  • Binfield is on the verge of losing our General Practice as they say they cannot afford to remain in the village.
  • Warfield has 2,200 additional housing already well under construction with hundreds of new families moving to the area which as of next term has no real secondary school allocation.
  • Every single village in the north is massively frustrated by the levels of traffic and congestion (some of this also exasperated by the recent controversial modifications to the A329M which has led thousands of motorists to take [permanent] alternative routes through the more rural parts of Woodley, Hurst, Binfield, Wokingham, Warfield etc.).
  • All of this while we see millions spent on a new town that is massively late on delivery.
We would love to hear your thoughts on this!

Adams Response

Adam kindly responded with a letter in which he reiterates the councils adopted development strategy and that it would be inappropriate for him to intervene though he feels ‘strongly’ about these matters.

His advice is to take up these concerns with our local councillors.

The phrase: “between a rock and a hard place” comes to mind.

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