Wokingham Construction Traffic to be routed through North Bracknell Villages

The what feels like a never-ending rampage against villages north of Bracknell has now reach a new low: the neighbouring district of Wokingham has decided they want to join in the game.
There are several large proposed and approved developments north of Wokingham and West of Binfield that have had their construction traffic routed through Binfield & the edge of Warfield.

These villages already suffer from a road infrastructure that is at saturation point, a barrage of road closures, a long calendar of scheduled road works and the regular scene of heavy plant machinery negotiating the roads to access local developments.
We have seen SANG traverse the district boundaries & large developments on the very edge of the boundaries its fairly obvious these two Conservative lead councils are colluding with each other at the severe detriment of these semi-rural villages.
More details can be found by reading this North Wokingham Strategic Development document here:

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