Tip Permits blamed for Fly Tipping

The controversial new scheme introduced last year as a cost cutting exercise could potentially cost the Borough more in clearing up illegally dumped waste.

It has been estimated that there has been a 20% increase in fly-tipping and over 1,000 cars were turned away from re3’s Berkshire facilities in just the first week after the introduction of permits.

Local councils are responsible for cleaning up illegally dumped waste and each incidents costs on average around £40 to clear.

Another worrying example of our local authors ‘selling out’ to private companies who then take us all for a ride in the name of profit.

Bracknell Forest Council recently transferred its landscaping services (and staff) under contract to a private company so it will be interesting to see how that service deminishes after its first year or so and how much of the inherited staff they try to offload.

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