A house building revolution is upon us!

The next few weeks should see the release of a government white paper that aims to address the continued failure of the housing sector to deliver sustainable developments at a sensible rate; developers have spent far to long seeking speculative planning permission under the guise of meeting housing targets to only then drag their feet, twist the arms of local authorities to get their own way and avoid the expense of much needed infrastructure investment.

This impending paper may explain the sudden & evident rush by developers to try and secure speculative planning permission on sites before the rules potentially change.

There has also been a distinct under delivery genuine affordable or social housing in favour of developing premium homes in desirable areas to maximum profits.

Nobody is 100% sure what this new white paper will deliver but there is hope that it will include:

  • some kind of regulation of the land-market.
  • “use it or lose it” terms on planning applications.
  • extra safe guards for rural areas
  • and further development of a country wide government land registry.

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