Bracknell News – Who wrote this article?

An ‘article’  in the Bracknell News affiliated Weekender free paper would lead anyone to believe that the proposed Foxley Oaks development in Binfield was about to answer all of Bracknell’s school and GP shortage issues!

New GP surgery planned
FEARS Infrastructure could be stretched too thinly to cope with up to 350 homes in Binfield have been dispelled by emerging plans to build a new GP surgery.
Following the submission of an outline planning application for the new development on land off Foxley Lane, proposals to include a purpose-build new GP surgery on the site have received backing from Binfield Surgery partners after a series of talks.

What Bracknell News has either failed to understand or quite frankly completely chosen to ignore is that this is an OUTLINE planning application accompanied by a CONCEPT plan, the application is merely looking to gain access to the site everything else is simply an idea that may never occur.

This is nothing more than an irresponsible piece of journalism that is glorifying an out of characters and unstainable development on the boundary of Hurst & Binfield that has been submitted before the site-allocation process has been finalised in the hope that it can jump the gun and raise two fingers to not just the planning system but also the local community.

It will be a very sad time if it materialises that this was a paid placement by Wilson Developments.

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