Heathrow Expansion consultation – Have Your Say

The government believes that the need for additional capacity in the south-east of England is best met by a new north-west runway at Heathrow Airport.

This expansion of Heathrow will not materially affect the greater Bracknell area but along with all of the other areas surrounding heather we will feel the effect of increased traffic and noise

To obtain full development consent for this expansion the government seeking your views on the draft the Airports National Policy Statement.

Preparing your response

You should read the draft Airports National Policy Statement before submitting your response to the consultation.

There will be scheduled consultations throughout the surrounding area and Bracknell will see its turn for consultation fall on the 16th of February 2017 which will be held at Carnation Hall in Winkfield Row (full address and map below).

Further Details

Further information on this government led consultation can be viewed here: https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/heathrow-expansion-draft-airports-national-policy-statement

Carnation Hall
29 Chavey Down Road
Winkfield Row
RG42 7PU






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