Bracknell Lexicon – Time Capsule Plans

This March marks six months until the scheduled opening of the new Lexicon shopping mall, to mark the occasion there is a plan to burry a Time Capsule and the Love Bracknell Facebook Page is asking for suggestions as to what should be placed with-in it.

Do you want to become part of Bracknell’s history? If so, let us know what items you think should go in The Lexicon’s time capsule. What do you think typifies life today? And what would you say about the town today that would interest people of tomorrow? The capsule will be buried on March 7 2017, to mark six months to go until The Lexicon opens, and will be opened in 50 years time.

If you would like to join in and make your own suggestions here is a direct link to the post on the Love Bracknell Facebook page.

Or view the page via this link:


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