The NEW Northern & Southern Wokingham Distributor Roads

The plans for two new distributor roads (one to arc around the North of the Greater Wokingham area and one around the south) went to public consultation in 2013/14 and were both subsequently approved by the Wokingham Borough Council Executive in 2015.

The Northern road will be a continuation of the new road at the Hatch Farm Dairies development and it will continue all the way around the top of Wokingham, adopting existing roads such as Bell Foundary Lane, following closely to the A329M and eventually terminating at the Wokingham Road just before the Coppid Beech junction of the A329M.

The Southern distributor road creates a new road from Montague Park on the Wokingham Road which will join up with Peacock Lane (towards Jennets Park) and smaller sections of road will allow a smoother transit south of Wokingham towards Barkham.

Many residents of the towns & parishes with-in the Wokingham District & Bracknell Borough actually have no idea these roads are planned or that they are already under construction.

Much of the roads progress can even be observed on Google Earth:


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