The greater Bracknell area is covered by Thames Valley Police and is broken up into the following local neighbourhood areas, you can click the areas below to learn about your neighbourhood officers or access the local crime maps.

Local police resources are pooled with surrounded areas such as Wokingham & Lower Earley and an active relationship is retained with the community via. public forums and the Thames Valley Alert project (see below).

Thames Valley Alert

This site provides an invitation for you to participate in the exchange of information with Thames Valley Police, Neighbourhood Watch and other community groups. As a registered recipient you will not only benefit from two way messaging but may also learn about those in your community subject of anti social behaviour orders, help identify suspected or wanted criminals or learn about community groups, events or meetings in your area

Click the following link to register:

Reporting Crimes

Thames Valley Police allocate resources strategically, for this to be effective its vitally important that any crimes are reported which will enable officers to identify and stop crime trends and hot spots.

If you need to report a crime please call 101 or contact your local neighbourhood force (the links above have contact details) if it is an emergency call 999.