A review of the borough’s nine libraries and its home library service is taking place in partnership with the company Activist Group (at the expense of the BFC, which when last questioned was in the region of £100k).

The review will assess how effectively current services meet community needs taking into account the financial challenges the council faces.

The review/consultation closes on the 16th December 2016 It is important that as many residents as possible give feedback via. the survey provided (click the blue button below).

Click here for the BFC Online Survey

Bracknell Forest Council is faced with a potential budget deficit of around £23m between now and 2019/20. The Council Plan 2015-19, and in particular its efficiency plan, sets out the approach the council is taking to address the financial challenges ahead. The council has committed to reviewing all its services over the next four years.

Activist have been commissioned to carry out a comprehensive review of Bracknell Forest’s library service, as part of the wider council transformation programme.

It is intended that the library review will lead to the development of a sustainable and affordable vision for the future of Bracknell Forest’s libraries, which reflects the evidence of the social impact of libraries; the support they provide; and the value placed on them by their users. The ambition is to provide the best library service possible within the reduced budget available, so the Council has to ask itself tough questions about how to best target resources. The borough’s libraries will need to be worked harder, maximising the use of the buildings and the impact of their services.