What is it?

“SHELAA is Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment”

The purpose of the SHELAA is to identify sites and assess their development potential along with their suitability for development and the likelihood of development coming forward.

The SHELAA will provide an evidence base to enable the identification of sites and locations suitable to inform development needs to be set out in the Councils Local Plan.

For details regarding commenting on this public consultation please scroll down.

Click here to view a summary of the sites

Click here to view a summary of the sites.

Where can I view it?

You will find the SHELAA and all accompanying documentation on the Bracknell Forest Council’s Consultation Portal (the link is below).

Click here to enter the Bracknell Forest Consultation Portal


What does it mean?

There are over 80 sites being ‘considered’ with-in this consultation process spread over the following wards:

  • Binfield (15 sites)
  • Bracknell Town (11 sites)
  • Crowthorne (1 site)
  • Sandhurst Town (5 sites)
  • Warfield (19 sites)
  • Winkfield (31 sites)

With a spread of units identified as such:

  • North of the Borough: 6,387 over 65 sites.
  • Central: 1,181 over 11 sites.
  • South: 757 over 6 sites.

How do I comment?

All comments must be received by 5PM on Monday the 19th December 2016, completed response forms (available via the Consultation Portal link below) should be emailed to development.plan@bracknell-forest.gov.uk – please make sure you receive a confirmation of receipt to be 100% sure your comments will be processed.

For your response to carry weight it is important that it be in relation to the factual nature of the assessment its self (i.e. contradictions, invalid or bad observations and general mistakes or errors) and not simply negative comments in relation to the eventual housing developments (this will be addressed at the planning stage if the sites are considered suitable).

Click here to visit the 2016 SHELAA Section of the BFC Consultation Portal

If you do not have Microsoft Word or the ability to view DOCX files we have PDF version of the response form you can view:

PDF 2016 SHELAA Response Form