Here is a interactive map of the submitted sites from the 2016 SHELAA that you can use to understand where the sites are located and how they might impact your home & life if they are adopted and a planning application is successful.

  • Areas in RED are recommended sites in the 2016 SHELAA report.
  • Areas in GREEN represent the Bracknell Parliamentary Boundary.
  • Areas in YELLOW represent the Windsor Parliamentary Boundary.

Please Note: Some of the sites have slightly inaccurate boundaries as they were manually traced from the SHELAA document, please do not be alarmed if your home or property is shown as part of a site.

Potentially Unsuitable Sites

The following sites have been identified within this report as potentially unsuitable:

  • BRA8 Harmanns Water
  • SAND1 Little Sandhurst & Wellington
  • SAND4 Little Sandhurst & Wellington
  • WINK16 Winkfield & Cranbourne
  • WINK19 Ascot
  • WINK20 Ascot
  • WINK30 Ascot

Click here for more details regarding the suitability of these sites.