The process of viewing, commenting or objecting on a planning application is actually much simpler than you may be thinking!

Most local authorities generally operate a Planning Register which provides a convenient hub allowing you to search for and view & comment on applications.

You can use the Planning Portal above or use the YourForest Planning Application Wizard which will help you to construct your comment or response based on solid planning grounds.

To access the wizard please click the button below:

Planning Application Response Wizard

You can view recently validated & decided applications by clicking the button below:

Browse the latest Applications

Alternatively you can browse the official Bracknell Forest Council Planning Portal:

Browse the Bracknell Forest planning portal

Finding an application

From the planning portal you can use key-words to find an application or if you are unable to be specific with search terms (e.g. you just know its a site in say Warfield) you can use the advanced search function (by clicking the ‘Advanced’ tab) which will allow you to be far more specific with your search criteria including:

  • Reference Numbers (Application reference, portal reference etc.)
  • Application Details (Description, applicant, address, status, decision, type etc.)
  • Dates (validated, committee, decision, appeal)

What do the references mean?

From the search results you will notice that the applications have reference numbers with 3-letter suffixes which denote the type of application which are as follows:

  • /ADV - Advertisement consent
  • /CAD - Alternative development
  • /CLPUD - Lawful development certificate
  • /CON - Conservation area consent
  • /COND - Conditions
  • /DEM - Demolition
  • /FUL - Full application
  • /GOV - Crown development
  • /LBC - Listed building consent
  • /LDC - Lawful development certificate
  • /NMA - Non-material amendments
  • /PAC - Prior approval change
  • /OUT - Outline application
  • /REM - Reserved matters
  • /TRTPO - Tree protection order


Planning Application Response Wizard

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